The Friends of Czech Heritage


Mauricovna2 Page 5 Image 0001Founded in 2007, The Friends of Czech Heritage - 'The Friends' - is a British charity, based in London, which is devoted to the restoration and enhancement of cultural heritage in buildings, gardens and parks and their contents and in objects of historic, scientific, aesthetic and social value in the Czech Republic.

The charity selects projects on their heritage merits, with the aim of keeping them relevant to the community and serving people today. It intends to provide seed-project capital to encourage other sponsors to participate in their designated projects.


The organisation is registered by the Charities Commission No1127919 with the address 3 Yew Tree Cottage, The Street, Ripe, Lewes, East Sussex BN8 6BD.

The Friends is a membership-based charity which has sponsored 50 heritage projects, organised voluntary working parties, carried out a programme of education and promotion of Czech heritage by organising 60 events in the UK, heritage visits to Czech Republic and the exchange of heritage expertise between the UK and the Czech Republic. Members receive a periodic newsletter.

For membership see the website www.czechfriends.netFacebook icon

For more information see the website, Facebook and contact The Friends on

A map of our project locations to date. Base map © Lencer

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