The Friends of Czech Heritage and the National Heritage Institute are a great example of an excellent cooperation on a long-term basis. Many Czech monuments have been saved and restored due to their endless efforts, hard work as well as financial support. One of their latest projects is the Mauricovna. Since the 1950s the Mauricovna has deteriorated so much that only its perimeter walls survived. However the building was saved thanks to the Friends of Czech Heritage. I fully support their activities and I very much appreciate them.

S Friends of Czech Heritage pojí NPÚ dlouholetá vynikající spolupráce. Díky jejich úsilí, tvrdé práci i finanční podpoře se podařilo zachránit a obnovit mnoho českých památek. Posledním takovým projektem je tzv. Mauricovna, která od 50. let minulého století zchátrala natolik, že zůstalo dochováno jen obvodové zdivo, a kterou se díky Friends of Czech Heritage podařilo zachránit. Jejich činnost plně podporuji a velmi si jí vážím


During my time in Prague, my admiration for the Friends of Czech Heritage has steadily grown. I have seen the difference they make through their hard work. The Mauricovna project is their most ambitious yet. It deserves to succeed. I have pledged to do what I can to assure this


We wholeheartedly support the Mauricovna project


The Mauricovna is our leading heritage project in the country


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