The Château of Červený Dvůr (the Red Court) and its park were built by the noble family of Rožmberk/Rosenberg in 1590, some eight kilometres/ five miles west of UNESCO’s designated heritage site at Český Krumlov. In the eighteenth century the château and its grounds were substantially remodelled by the Princes of Schwarzenberg to become their summer residence.

In the middle of nineteenth century the park was transformed into an informal English landscape. The estate supervisor’s cottage, the Mauricovna, was reconstructed into a Neo-Gothic 'cottage ornée'.

The Schwarzenberg family left the country in 1947 and the château and its estate passed to the State. During the communist regime most of the property suffered from neglect and the Mauricovna itself deteriorated into a derelict ruin.

On inspection in 1959 and 1963 the Czech National Heritage Institute (NPÚ) reports stated: “…the buildings are derelict and desolate, roofs are in very poor condition, windows and doors are smashed and broken…there is no manager… the park is in a dismal condition…heavy military vehicles have caused great damage passing through the park on their way to the training ground in Boletice…”

Fortunately for Červený Dvůr in 1966 the Ministry of Health designated a section of the abandoned château as a psychiatric hospital and saved it from dereliction. At least a part of the château became again a living building. Conditions improved after the Velvet Revolution of 1989. In 1990 the Blanský Forest, including the château and its estate, was declared a protected area. The NPÚ carried out extensive conservation work resulting in the preservation of the château’s structure and in its gradual restoration.

The Friends of Czech Heritage joined the work in the preservation of the Pheasantry and the Mauricovna from 2008. The château with its outlying grounds and buildings are under the care of the NPÚ.

Photos of the Mauricovna at Červený Dvůr

mauricovna stages 01

Above, the state of the building in 2011. Below, restoration work in progress

mauricovna stages 02

mauricovna stages 03