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Mauricovna2 Page 5 Image 0001The Friends of Czech Heritage

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Nadační fond Přátelé Českého Kultrního Dědictví (NFPCKD)

This is a Czech-registered charitable associate of The Friends of Czech Heritage. Both entities share their charitable objectives and executives. NFPCKD is a legal person formed under the Para. 394, and following, of the Law No 89/2012 of the Collection of Civil Laws of the Czech Republic, with the address: Zahradní 314/8, České Budějovice 2, 370 05. The Chairman is Peter Kysel, the directors are Peter Jamieson and Jan Friedman.


The National Heritage Institute/Národní Památkový Ustav (NPÚ)

Mauricovna2 Page 5 Image 0002The NPÚ is the state guardian of the Czech historic built environment and it provides support for public and private heritage-owners. The South Bohemia department of the NPÚ has responsibility for Červený Dvůr. Under its guardianship the estate has been preserved. The properties are being restored, while carefully respecting the needs of the patients of the Červený Dvůr psychiatric clinic. The general public are encouraged to visit and explore the park.



The Psychiatric Clinic at the Château of Červený Dvůr

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The clinic is the sole facility of its kind in the Czech Republic. It offers short- and medium-term treatment of 4 to 12 weeks for addiction, plus detoxification and family therapy. The clinic has a capacity for 109 patients’ beds and treats some 1,000 patients annually. The clinic has been renovating and refurbishing patients’ facilities to create a relaxing, non-institutional environment in the extensive natural park setting. Patients are gradually encouraged to participate in voluntary activities in response to the work by external volunteers and in cooperation with them. This development has been also beneficial in the treatment. The clinic is integrated in international programmes of contemporary addiction treatment. It is awarded accreditation by the United Accreditation Commission (Czech Republic) for the quality of its care. Currently patients come from all parts of the Czech Republic and the clinic operates to full capacity. Prospectively, it is envisaged that patients from abroad will also be treated at the château clinic as its facilities and language are further developed.

The Mauricovna project is supported by the following:

The British Embassy in Prague
The Czech Embassy in London
The British and Czech Chamber of Commerce
The Rotary Club
Europa Nostra